Change management

Stay on track,
even when the track changes.

Destroy roadblocks that arise during your strategy's execution with Cascade. Know what's not working, change course, and keep your team aligned, all in one place.
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Flexible plans for dynamic environments

Even the best plans present hiccups during execution. Cascade can help you sail smoothly through them. Know how each initiative is coming along and spot potential risks at a glance. Align your teams effectively and adapt without the hassle.


Get 360 degree visibility on your strategic initiatives across organizational units. Have a clear quantitative answer to "how is each initiative and team performing?".


Easily adapt to changes in business landscapes and priorities by modifying all or parts of your plans.


Communicate plans and modifications effectively across all stakeholders without any extra work. Instantly get on the same page and move as one.

Is everything on track?

Identify risks before its too late with Cascade. Get an accurate picture of the state of your initiatives and the effort needed to support them. Know in real time whether work is on track or not.

We need to change course!

There's no such thing as a perfect plan. When situations and priorities shift, you adapt easily with Cascade. Stay on track even when plans change with our flexible planner and customizable dashboards. Detect what's not working and seamlessly modify your plans, targets or KPIs.

Is everyone aligned with the new plan?

Communicate changes and new plans without endless meetings and email threads. Instantly pull all your stakeholders onto the same page and align with them using automatic emails and notifications in Cascade. Adapt quickly and effectively without the hassle.


Powerful alone.
Unstoppable together.

Get more from your tools with Integrations. With over 1000+ integrations available, unify data from all your tools in Cascade. No more scrambling between tools. No more context switching.

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The big shift is everyone structured, with information in one place.

The single biggest benefit that Cascade brought to the University of Sydney, was cohesion and structure to the myriad of strategic work and project management taking place.

Successful strategies thrive in Cascade.
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