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Empower your teams to focus on work that matters. Tangibly measure individual impact to drive accountability and engagement. Kill silos and duplicate work that stem from communication gaps.
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Focus and align your teams.
Turn your plans into reality.

Collaborate together on cross-functional projects without the endless email threads, and check-ins. Align with one or many strategies and execute more of the right work, faster. Save 20+ hours per month through instant communication.


Know what's important to the organization and how you can contribute. Live alongside your key goals and deliver more with less.


Shatter silos and collaborate better. Stay aligned and on the same page no matter where you are. Huge cross-functional projects just became a whole lot easier.


Tangibly measure individual impact and connect it to business outcomes. Empower team members to put their best foot forward.

Sniper focus.
Machine-gun execution.

Know what will move the needle for the business and easily prioritize work that matters. Focus and stay committed to key goals and the organization's strategy without getting sidetracked. With Cascade, you can do more of the right work with less.

Silos out.
Alignment in.

Wasting time going back and forth with colleagues and failing to collaborate well on huge projects? With Cascade, coordinate and align on work across cross-functional units like never before. Easily make sure that everyone is on the same page and move as one.

Every employee - engaged & empowered.

Team members can finally measure their performance tangibly and connect it to the organization's outcomes. Anyone can see how they contribute and fit into the bigger picture. Cascade lets everyone know exactly how and why their work matters and instills a feeling of ownership.


Powerful alone.
Unstoppable together.

Get more from your tools with Integrations. With over 1000+ integrations available, unify data from all your tools in Cascade. No more scrambling between tools. No more context switching.

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"Cascade isn't just a software - it's changed the work our teams do everyday"

Before Cascade, 'strategic alignment' was really more of a concept than anything real. With Cascade we waste less time and get more meaningful work done. In turn, that has pushed up KPIs such as revenue and customer satisfaction. The one-click reporting is the cherry-on-top.

Successful strategies thrive in Cascade.
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