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Integrate Cascade and

Google Analytics

Gain real-time visibility on how your marketing team's data fits into your strategic plan. Watch your Analytics data automatically update your Cascade goals. Reduce or even eliminate the time you spend on repetitive data entry and focus on what you do best!

How to setup Google Analytics in Cascade

  1. The first step is to link your Cascade account to your Excel by going to Profile -> Integrations -> Goal Progress -> Google Analytics
  2. Find Google Analytics, then select + Add Connection. Give your connection a good name, and choose whether it will be private or shared.
  3. The next step is to link a metric in Analytics to goal progress. Go to GoalDeck and choose the goal that needs to be updated via Analytics.
  4. Use the Task Completion dropdown to choose Google Analytics.
  5. Then you can use the dropdowns to filter to the metric you want.
    You have successfully integrated Cascade with Google Analytics!

How to get the most out of this integration

Automatically update your Cascade goals with Analytics data

Check out additional help documentation here:
Google Analytics Integration for Cascade