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Know what's working.
Solve what isn't.

Most reporting tools focus on what happened, Cascade shows you why it matters and what to do about it. Cascade's strategy software brings meaning to your KPIs no matter where the data lives.
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Make better decisions, faster

Your strategy's single source of truth. Connect all of your data, unlike that BI tool you already have, and visualize it alongside projects to get an accurate picture of what's happening and why. Identify roadblocks and opportunities within your strategy in real-time, and adapt quickly—all in one place.


See which teams and projects are working well, and which need help. Take action to adapt quickly.


Get an insightful blend of qualitative and quantitative insights from your strategic initiatives alongside the business context.


Quickly understand the state of your plans. Precisely measure progress against your KPIs.

All your data.
Now served with context.

View the progress of your strategic initiatives across teams, departments, and tools. Documents and data that were previously free-floating are now available in Cascade with the context your teams need to make them useful. Drive better decision-making across your organization using dashboards and reports.

Help your team smash their goals.

No more asking for manual progress updates that lack clarity and insight. Cascade gives you visibility into the invisible - see your teams, projects and people’s work alongside their progress. Focus your support on the work that needs it the most.

Live Dashboards & Reports

Reports that build themselves.

Still wasting time building strategy presentations and spreadsheets? Do work that matters and let Cascade take care of reporting. Use filters and automated goal tracking to create reports at all levels - people, teams, and departments. Run weekly meetings with the view that makes sense to your team.


Powerful alone.
Unstoppable together.

Get more from your tools with Integrations. With over 1000+ integrations available, unify data from all your tools in Cascade. No more scrambling between tools. No more context switching.

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Having our plans in a single platform is incredible.

As a complex organization, we cherish the ability to consolidate multiple operations plans into a single platform. Each team's leader is in charge of their own plan. This helps us to independently view the work of different teams under the same layout.

Successful strategies thrive in Cascade.
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